Turkey Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Turkey visa for Chines Citizen

Applying for a Turkish visa as a Chinese citizen has never been quicker and more straightforward, thanks to the electronic visa (e-Visa) system.

In 2013, the Turkish government launched an electronic visa for international travelers, such as Chinese residents. This replaced traditional sticker visas. Turkey Visa Online Requirements.

Turkey’s electronic Visas offer many advantages for Chinese visitors. Completing the online form takes only minutes, eliminating the need to submit documents at an embassy.

It has long been recognized as the most straightforward way to obtain a permit to visit Turkey.

What Is an e-Visa for Chinese Passport Holders to Turkey?

Turkey e-Visa provides Chinese travelers with an e-Visa that can be used up to 180 days post-issue date. This policy is one of the significant features that make this type of visa available.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens Chinese visitors are granted entry and stay for 30 days.

Turkey’s Electronic Visa for residents in China can provide residents of China with an effective solution for travel, business, and transportation needs. It allows entry via road, air, or sea.

With this online visa for Turkey, Chinese passport holders don’t need to make a memorable trip to a consular or embassy office; applying and receive one in the comfort of their own homes.

Chinese citizens visiting Turkey for longer trips or planning to relocate there for academic or professional reasons should contact the Turkish Embassy in Beijing to establish which travel document will best meet their needs.

Turkey E-Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Chinese travelers who meet specific requirements can apply online for a visa to Turkey.

For Citizens of China seeking an e-Visa in Turkey: The following documents are necessary when applying for an e-Visa from Turkey.

Valid passports must have at least 60 calendar days before the travel date.

Two blank pages are included with every passport.

Credit or Debit card

Chinese travelers must ensure their passport remains valid for at least 60 days following their stay in Turkey or renew it immediately before applying for an e-Visa.

As all correspondence relating to an e-Visa application will be sent via email, applicants should use an address they utilize regularly when applying.

Additionally, applicants must ensure the debit or credit card they use to pay the e-Visa processing fee is valid for international transactions.

Before initiating their travel arrangements, travelers must become acquainted with the requirements for international travel by Chinese citizens.

Chinese Passport Holders who require an e-Visa application form.

The Turkey electronic visa application form is online with straightforward questions that typically take only minutes to fill out.

Chinese applicants must provide the following details:

Personal Information (name, birth date, and nationality)

Passport Details (Number and Date of Issue, as well as Expiry Date)

Travel Itinerary (Travel dates, ticket confirmation of booking accommodation and hotel)

Chinese citizens traveling to Turkey using the passport they used when applying for an e-Visa should ensure they bring along the same one on each journey, especially those holding dual citizenship or who need to make changes before travel. This is particularly important if holding multiple citizenships or need to change it before departing on their trip.

Due to the nature of application forms, it is crucial for applicants to carefully verify all information submitted since the submission of their applications cannot be altered after they are completed.

Do Chinese children require an electronic visa for Turkey?

Yes, all travelers from China requiring entry to Turkey require an electronic Visa, including minors.

Parents or guardians can apply for dependents’ e-Visa applications on behalf of their children.

Payment of the e-Visa Processing Fee for Chinese Applicants

China citizens applying online can pay the processing cost using either credit or debit card payment options.

Every transaction is processed through secure servers to protect applicants’ information.

How Can Chinese Travelers Secure Their Turkey Visa Electronically?

Chinese applicants will be informed via email of their successful Turkey e-Visa application.

Turkey e-Visas can generally be issued within 24 hours; however, to allow for peak tourist periods, applying three business days in advance is advisable.

Chinese visitors arriving in Turkey should print and present a copy of their e-Visa at passport controls upon entry.

As soon as they arrive in Turkey, travelers are strongly advised to keep their e-Visa close at hand at all times.

Chinese citizens must remember that visa-on-arrival isn’t relevant for them – instead, they require an eVisa or other travel documents before arriving.

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