Turkey Visa Application Process For Canadian Citizens

Turkey visa for Canadian citizens

Applying for a Turkey visa online from Canada is straightforward and hassle-free; Canadian citizens can submit their applications from home without visiting an Embassy office to do so.

Passport holders traveling via Canada to Turkey for up to three months with an electronic visa can visit Turkiye for vacation or business travel purposes. This visa provides access for entry.

This page offers information regarding Turkey Visas for Canada Citizens and how to apply online.

Do Canadians Need a Visa to Visit Turkey?

Yes, all Canadian passport holders require visas when traveling to Turkey, regardless of the length or purpose of the visit.

Canadians seeking a Turkey visitor visa have three options for applying.

Online (suggested choice).

On arrival, please provide full payment in cash at that time.

At an Embassy, Canadians should utilize the eVisa system as it’s the easiest and quickest way of applying for a Turkish visa in Canada without needing to visit or stand in line at an airport to collect it upon arrival.

Turkey Visa Application Process

Turkey Visa Application Process, Turkish e-Visa applications can be completed entirely online using any smartphone or computer electronic device, while approved visas will then be delivered directly by email to Canadian travelers.

Information for Canadians Applying for an Electronic Visa in Turkey

Canadian citizens may apply for an entry visa that grants multiple entries into Turkiye with one valid passport. Once granted, visitors will have up to 3 visits within 3 years, with each passport used as proof.

Travel between Canada and Turkey for longer than 3 months or any purpose beyond those mentioned here requires an embassy visa.

Important Information Concerning Turkey eVisa for Canadians:

Stays of up to 90 days may be granted.

Visa validity lasts 180 days from the entry date.

Permitted activities include business, tourism, and transit activities.

Multiple entries must also be provided in a given contest.

Turkey E-Visa processing is swift. Most applications are reviewed and approved within 24 hours; additionally, an expedited service ensures one-hour processing times for priority applications.

Travelers receiving their visa via email should print it and keep a copy with them should they travel from Canada toward Turkiye.

Canadian Citizens Applying for a Turkey Visa: Documents Needed

Turkish authorities require Canadian travelers who apply for an eVisa for Turkey to meet certain conditions and bring documents with them that demonstrate this compliance, such as these:

Present Your Canadian Passport along with your Current Email, Debit/credit card information

Your Canadian passport should remain valid for at least 150 days following the entry date into Turkiye and should also be used to apply for and travel through this country.

Canadian Citizens Looking for a Turkey Visa: Application Form for Canadians

Canadian travelers applying for an electronic Visa to Turkey must submit the following:

Full Name, Birth date, and Country of citizenship.

Passport Information, such as Issue and Expiry Date, as well as Arrival and Departure Times in Turkey, can be found by following these links: (http://travellerinfo.turkiye.net).

Purpose of Trip (Tourism and Business)

Before applying for visas, applicants should double-check every detail, as any errors could delay processing times and result in further processing delays.

Do Canadian residents travel to Turkey?

Canadian citizens with valid passports may visit Turkey. To do so, however, they require an entry visa regardless of the length or purpose of their visit.

Canadian citizens looking to visit Turkiye for short stays for business, tourism, or transit purposes can apply online for an entry visa; approved travelers will receive it by email.

Can Canadian Citizens obtain an entry visa upon arriving in Turkey?

Canadian residents can obtain their visa upon arriving in Turkiye through any of its international airports.

Travelers visiting Turkiye for tourism or business reasons are strongly recommended to apply online for an eVisa using an easy application process.

Filling out an online application only takes less than a minute and eliminates long waits at borders or visiting embassies for entry visas.

How much does a Turkish visa cost Canadians?

Price for Turkiye online visa applications vary based on what type of Turkiye visa a Canadian applicant requires based on their reason for travel (business or tourism), its expected length, and any additional conditions that might exist in their case.

Final costs also depend on whether an applicant uses registration at an embassy when filing their application.

Once an applicant decides whether or not to utilize this service, their total cost for applying online for a Turkish visa to Canada will be displayed onscreen.

Which are Turkey’s visa requirements in respect of permanent Canadian residents?

Turkey Visa requirements for Canadian permanent residents traveling abroad depend on their nationality. If they don’t possess a passport issued from one of the exempted countries or already hold one of those exempt from needing one or possessing one themselves, they must apply for one to travel.

Residents with passports issued from other nations who wish to reside permanently in Canada should first ascertain whether a visa is needed to determine their country of citizenship and apply online for it – over 90 different nations offer visa services online!

Are Canadian travelers entering Turkey by plane requiring an entry visa to gain entrance?

Canadian citizens wishing to travel to Turkiye for over 90 days require a valid visa, even for short visits. Apply online now if you are planning on going.

Canadian citizens who do not meet the requirements for an eVisa should submit an application in person at a Turkish embassy.

How long may Canadians remain in Turkey?

Canadians can stay in Turkey for up to 90 days with an approved electronic visa and use it for both vacations or business travel spanning three months.

Canadians can stay for periods exceeding three months when applying for their visa through an Embassy, although this process requires them to begin planning several weeks ahead of their visit.

How long will it take me to obtain a Turkey Visa from Canada?

Filling out an online Turkish visa application from Canada takes only minutes and requires primary personal data, including passport details and travel itinerary info.

Visa processing can also be handled quickly. Most applications are approved and reviewed within 24 hours, while you can avail of the Priority option to ensure a one-hour processing time.

Applications for embassy visas require more time. Canadians whose travel plans require them must start the application process at least one week before departure.

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