How to Enter a Code to Join a Pear Deck Session? 2023 Guide

Pear Deck enables educators to design engaging presentations, and students can participate in exciting activities. A link or 5-digit code is provided by that allows you to enroll as a student in a Pear Deck session. Everything you need to know about joining Peardeck will be covered in this tutorial.

Through a code or link, students can access interactive presentations made and shared by their teachers at, a sub-domain or microsite of Teachers can SMS or email students the code or link. It can’t be found anywhere else.

Students do not need to register with Pear Deck to access the presentation. Students will need to have a Microsoft or Google account to accomplish this. Google Slides is integrated with Pear Deck. Through teachers, students can also sign up anonymously.

What exactly is Pear Deck’s sends users to, a microsite or subdomain on Students can attend a Peardeck presentation or session by entering the five-character code their teachers gave them here.

To participate in the Peardeck presentation, students must first open one of the supported browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Safari, and then input the code. The student dashboard will then let you examine slides and other items.

Utilize the Join Code to join a Pear Deck session.
Students can join Pear Deck sessions by entering the Join Code provided by their instructors. If the teacher has enabled these options, students may need a Google or Microsoft Office 365 Account to join the session. They don’t need an avatar or username to join the session.

You can use a Join Code to join a Peardeck session as a student by following these instructions.

Your teacher will provide the Join Code to access the Pear Deck presentation or session. It might have been texted or sent through email to the class.
Open a browser now, and go to (
Then, input the box’s 5-character Join Code.
Be patient while the Pear deck session loads.
If your teacher emails you asking you to log in, you will be instantly logged into your account. Alternatively, you could open an email account. You can sign up anonymously if they don’t need your email address. You only need to select an avatar and a username to participate in the session.

Join a Pear Deck Session by clicking this link.
Utilizing a Join Link makes it simple to join a Pear Deck session. At, no code must be entered to join the Peardeck presentation. Just click the link to get started.

You can use a Join link to join a Peardeck session by following these steps:

  • You can look at the email or message your instructor sent regarding the Peardeck session.
  • Click the Join Link to join the session.
  • The Pear Deck session can be launched in your browser.
  • You can use different browsers, even though Google Chrome is the best for viewing it.
  • You can view the Student View once you’ve joined the session. You can look at the slides and respond to interactive teacher questions.

Students and teachers alike will learn well in Pear Deck. This is a fantastic technique for instructors and students to transition to modern education.


Sign up with Pear Deck Teachers’ Guide
Pear Deck enables educators to design engaging presentations that simplify and make learning enjoyable for students. With various technologies, you can produce slideshow-style content in the classroom. As an add-on, it works with Google Slides.

Students may participate in the Peardeck session, but teachers have two options. Students have the option of joining either with or without an email address. The teacher’s login preferences are stored for all subsequent sessions.

They can alter their passwords by heading to the settings page and switching the student login feature on or off. Students can sign up using the Join Link or inputting a code at

Students must sign in with their email addresses to access Pear Deck sessions.
Teachers can use students’ email addresses to invite them to Pear Deck sessions. Students must input their email address or choose it after entering the Join Code at and clicking the Join Link for Pear Deck after enabling this setting.

The following procedures will help students log in:

  • Go to the Homepage after opening the Pear Deck.
  • To access your profile, click the symbol.
  • Then select “My Account.”
  • Click Settings next.
  • Find the area labeled “Require Student Logins” by scrolling down.
  • To select the kind of account you want students to use, click ON.
  • Your students can participate in Pear Deck sessions if they have their email.

Pear Deck Sessions are open to all students anonymously.
To enable students to join Pear Deck sessions without logging in, complete the procedures above and then choose OFF in the “Require student logins” area. Without an email address, students can join your Pear Deck sessions.

By generating an avatar or moniker, students can join meetings anonymously. Although their true identities won’t be displayed, students can watch the slides and respond to the questions. Teachers at the bottom can see a prompt that states that students have joined with nicknames or avatars.

This is a fantastic way to unwind in between lessons. Teachers should request students sign up using their email addresses for severe classes

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